Business Complexity & the Global Leader Conference

Suffolk University, Sargent Hall, 120 Tremont Street, Boston

Presented by:

The Institute for Executive Education
Sawyer Business School at Suffolk University

The first International Business Complexity & the Global Leader Conference was held on October 18-20, 2010, in Boston, Massachusetts

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"Complexity science has insights that we can draw from that are essential to today's leadership challenges. Using these insights, we can design strategies, methods & tools that enable us to turn change and volatility into opportunities instead of threats." Marv Adams, TIAA-CREFF

Featured Speakers...

Geoffrey West Marv Adams Juan Perez Mercader Phil Budden Cesar Hidalgo
Santa Fe Institute TIAA-CREF Harvard British Consulate MIT

The first International Conference on Business Complexity and the Global Leader, in Boston at Suffolk University was born out of the need to create a forum to bring leading complexity science scholars and practitioners together to address the corporation as a complex adaptive system in what Steven Hawking has termed the "century of complexity". According to a recent IBM survey of 1500 global leaders, complexity was cited as the most significant issue facing leaders today. There is no doubt that understanding the organization and the economy as a complex adaptive system is one of the most important competencies for effective leaders today.
Business systems are not just complex. Complex business and economic and social networks emerge and adapt within an ecosystem and relative to other agents and networks. We are at a turning point in history when our manmade systems have reached such a large scale and level of interconnectedness that they have acquired characteristics of complex adaptive systems, similar to those found in the natural world, including self organization, systemic behavior, and ill-defined boundaries. Today's business leaders must acquire the necessary competencies to harness this complexity.

Organizing Committee

Greta Meszoely, Ph.D., Conference Chair
Suffolk University Sawyer Business School

Jeffrey Lipshaw, J.D.
Suffolk University Law School

Juan Perez Mercader, Ph.D.
Harvard University

Carol Ann Zulauf Sharicz, Ph.D.
Suffolk University

Eliza Parrish
Suffolk University

Conference Manager

Julie Schniewind
Suffolk University


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